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Canine good basics

this class will help you develop your dog into a great companion, who is easy to live with, calm when required, well-behaved wherever you take him/her and able to focus on your when required.

Class members will receive a clicker, CGB assessment and certificate when they reach the class requirements.

To read more about this class click here.

Download the Canine Good Basics manual here.

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Skills we help you teach your dog-

  • to respond immediately and enthusiastically to their name

  • take food nicely

  • willingly walk beside you

  • comes to you when called

  • enjoys being patted by others and lets you groom them all over

  • will sit, lie down and stay when asked.

All the skills learned in the class are useful for the family pet, and provide a good foundation for any future classes.

Requirements for enrolling in CGB classes

  • Open to dogs over 5 months old, and

  • handlers over 8 years old.

Classes for Canine Good Basics are held on Tuesdays from 7-8pm

Dog Manners classes

These classes reinforce and build on the skills learnt in the Canine Good basics class. Every day skills taught include recall, loose lead walking, leave and wait. All done in a positive way using games and new activities. These will prepare you and your dog for other activities that you might want to do such as obedience, flygility, rallyO and agility.


This class is held on Mondays from 6-7pm.

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