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Upper Hutt dog training club is a family friendly club offering many different ways to have fun with your dog. 

Our aim is to enjoy being with our dogs, to learn new things, and enjoy each others' company while we do it. We like to help each other.

We like to celebrate success from being able to call your dog back to you in the park, to achieving national success.

Our introductory class is Canine Good Basics. This class helps you develop your dog into a great companion who is 

  • easy to live with

  • calm when required

  • well behaved wherever you take him/her

  • focusses on you and what you want him/her to do

Once you have passed Canine Good basics you and your dog can join our Dog Manners class.

You and your dog can learn even more complex skills by joining some of our other classes:-  agility, rallyO, flygility, scentwork and competitive obedience. 

We run regular events.

We also like to have social get togethers.

When you and your furry friend come to Upper Hutt Dog Training Club, you become part of our family.

agility dog and tunnel
Caden and tana
Jane and Holly heelwork
lahjah (1)
Brown Dogs

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Anatole France

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