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Our Canine Good Basics programme is for young dogs and puppies over 4 months of age.

It is a sensible programme that improves your dogs ability to respond to basic commands.

These popular five-week courses are run throughout the year and teach the basics of good behaviour.

Canine Good Citizen is a nationally recognised programme that is designed to teach your dog excellent manners for everyday life. Both of these programmes have optional assessments.

Obedience is a complex series of tests for the dog and handler requiring precision. 

It includes teaching the dog to heel closely beside the handler, recalls, stays, scent and sendaways.

Obedience competitions start with Elementary class and progress from Beginners to Novice, Test A, Test B and test C.


​Companion dog Trials are also available at different levels.​

Jane and Holly heelwork.jpg
agility hoop pic.jpg

Agility is an active sport for dogs and handlers. It involves teaching your dog to traverse a variety of obstacles and learning a range of handling moves to get successfully around a course.

We offer:-

  • Foundation,

  • Beginners, and

  • Competitive agility classes

Classes are held on Wednesday evening.

Rally-O is a dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs and people of all ages and abilities.

Handlers teach their dogs a range of different exercises. They include:- combinations of turns, presents, finishes, changes of position, heeling around cones, halts and sending around poles and over jumps.


In a competition the dog and their handler are required to perform a different exercise every few metres. The exercises are linked together in a numbered course which is scored and timed. 

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Flygility involves a tennis ball, a variety of agility-type obstacles and is suitable for less mobile handlers.

In a Flygility competition dogs race each other over obstacles to retrieve a tennis ball before returning to the handler with the ball. The fastest dog to return with the ball wins


All dogs have a great sense of smell so why not use it and take part in scent classes.

Scent competitions require dogs to seek out a particular scent in different environments - indoors, outside, around vehicles etc.

skyla and Zee.jpg

Kids Class

In this class your child and dog will work to improve their bond and the dog's responsiveness to the child.

Together they will work towards the skills that they will need to be able to move on to other UHDTC classes.

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