Upper Hutt Dog Training Club

Welcome to your family friendly dog training club 

About Us

We are a family friendly club offering many different ways to have fun with your dog. Our aim is to enjoy being with our dogs, to learn new things, and enjoy each others company while we do it. We like to help each other, and to celebrate  success  - from being able to call your dog back to you in the park to winning National events. 

What we offer

Our introductory programme is Canine Good Basics. This class helps you develop your dog into a great companion who is:
  1. Easy to live with.
  2. Calm when required.
  3. Well behaved wherever you take him/her.
  4. Focusses on you and what you want him/her to do.

Once you have passed Canine Good Basics (CGB) you and your dog can join our Dog Manners class. You and your dog can learn even more complex skills by joining Rally O, Agility, Flygility, and Competitive Obedience classes.

Class Schedule 

Monday: Dog Manners (6:00 p.m.),  Rally-O (7:00 p.m.)  

Tuesday: Kids Class, (4:30 - 5:30 p.m.) Competitive Obedience (Foundation & Competitive 6:00 p.m.), Canine Good Basics (7:00 p.m.)

Wednesday: Agility ( Competition 6:00 p.m., Foundation & Beginners 7:00 p.m.) 

Thursday:  Flygility (Beginners & Competition 6:00 p.m.)

Each term, classes run for 6 weeks, with a two-week break in between terms. The club closes for about two months in the summer (mid Dec - beginning of Feb) and winter (July & August)Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to the availability of volunteers, inclement weather, holidays, and COVID.  See Facebook for updates. 

Term Schedule 2023

Term Schedule for all classes, except the Kids Class:

Term 1:  6 February - 16 March

Term 2:  3 April - 11 May

Term 3:  29 May - 6 July

Term 4: 11 September - 19 October

Term 5:   6 November – 14 December

The Kids Class follows the school terms as shown below:

Term 1: 6 February – 9 April

Term 2: 24 April – 2 July

Term 3: 11 September – 24 September 

Term 4: 9 October – 17 December



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See the Fees and Payment page for more information. 

Training Site

Club training takes place at Moehau Park. This is adjacent to Moonshine and Trentham Memorial Park. Access on training days is via 7A Moehau Grove, off Holdsworth Ave. On Competition Days access to the training grounds (Moehau Park) is via Moonshine Park.  See the Event Access page for more information.   Car parking is on the shingle car park, past the club house.  

Please drive SLOWLY in the Grove, and in the club grounds at all times.

NEVER park in the Grove.  Thank you!

COVID Information

Please see the COVID information page for information related to COVID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about classes, events, etc.