Dog Training Club


Upper Hutt


We are a family friendly club offering many different ways to train
and have fun with your dog

Covid-19 statement (19th May) 

The club’s committee met again on the weekend  following the latest COVID-19 advice. 

As you will expect  we only want to re-commence when it is safe to do so and within the guidelines laid down.

We have therefore decided to re-commence:

  • - Canine Good Basics on Tuesday the 9th June and 
  • - Dog Sport Basics on Thursday the 11th June.
  • - Agility Foundation and Beginners classes on Sunday the 7th June 

We have split the classes over three nights/days to ensure there is enough space for all. 

Closer to that time we will provide detailed information regarding the organisation of the classes etc.

Stay Well 

Peter de Wit

Club Secretary

For training tips and more info on Canine Good Basics click here.

We are a family friendly club where we help you learn to train your dog. We invite you to join us and to have fun with your dog.

Our introductory programme is Canine Good Basics. 

Once you and your dog have mastered the skills required, you can go on to learn more complex skills such as Rally O, Agility, Flygility, Obedience, Nosework and Canine good Citizen.

Canine Good Basics

Canine Good Basics is held on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm.

This class is suitable for all dogs aged 5 months and above.

Each term lasts 8 weeks.

It costs $70/term. This includes tuition, a clicker and the DogsNZ Canine good Basics assessment and certificate.

Term one: January 28th: FULL

Term Two: March 17th: FULL

Term Three: August 25th:  Enrol now.

Term Four: October 20th.

What do we do?

This course aims to give you all the things you want from a dog - a dog that is happy and willing to walk nicely beside you, and come when you call them. They will enjoy being patted and groomed by others, and they will willingly sit, down and stay when you ask them to - all of which are useful for family life as well as an dog sport you may want to do later.

To read more tips and info on Canine Good Basics click here. 

Where are we?

We are situated in Moehau Park. This is adjacent to Moonshine and Trentham Memorial Park.

Access on training days is via Moehau Grove, off Holdsworth Ave. 

Car parking is on the shingle car park, past the club rooms.

Please drive SLOWLY in the Grove.

Other Classes

Club Facebook group

We run a range of other classes that members are welcome to particpate in.

Monday: Flygility

Tuesday: Dog sport Basics, RallyO

Tuesday: Competition Obedience, Canine Good Citizen

Wednesday: Agility


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