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Dog agility

Click here to view an inspirational video on the sport of dog agility. 

Visual dictionary

What do the words those agility people mean?

This is the BadDog version!

Click here to view.


The serpentine is a manoeuvre that requires the dog to perform a row of 3 or more obstacles in a squiggly or S-shaped pattern where the obstacles are at about 180 degrees to each other. Here are a few links to website that describe them further.

Criteria for class entry.

* dog can sit
* dog will lie down
* dog can walk/jog with handler on a lead
* handler can recognise and reward good behaviours with food/toy
* dog can interact with other dogs
* dog should be ~12 months or older

* dog will look at handler, sit, lie down, wait and come when called under mild distraction
* dog can run with handler on and off lead around a cone/course of cones in a circle,
* dog can stand on a platform with front feet and move back feet around it
* dog can negotiate a range of obstacles at low height on handler right and left side, and after being left in a wait
* dog can go through a tunnel
* dog can walk on a lowered ramp all the way to the bottom
* dog has learnt some tricks - beg, dance, spins, weave around handlers legs/cone

Front crosses

Better front crosses - from BAD DOG AGILITY. Click here to watch the video.
This link includes written instructions, pictures and video, so is well worth a look!

Back/rear crosses

Video one.

Showing good placement of the cross and referring to “lead changes” and illustrating nicely the dog spinning and going wide when the information comes late cf early information before the dog jumps.

Video two.

Nicely shows the line to run when performing a rear cross.

Teaching 2 x 2 weaving

This is a link to the 2x2 weave method of training. Thetre are many ways you can teach dogs to weave, this is one that is also easy to practice at home. The lady throws her toy quite a long way, you dont need to throw it that far to get the same effect!

Puppy foundation videos

Some good links here.

For puppy foundation.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Tips for motivating your agility dog.

Tips include mainly using tricvks and fun activities as well as being aware of how your body language, motion and tone of voice can affecrt how much fun your dog has!

Foundation agility -video clip

This is a great video clip showing foundation work for pups and beginners. Topics covered in the short clip include; tugging, waits, collar grabs/hands, balance work, Handling on the ground, Shaping a cone, Foundation games include: go round wing, handling exercises/crosses, send to tunnel, figure of 8s -go round wing/round me, Wing course.


See below for the various facets of dog agility that we train, and what we train at the different levels.
NB: Variety = Dog Sport Basics


Week 1: Waits, Front crosses, blind crosses, back crosses
Week 2: Wraps, 180s and pinwheels
Week 3: Send and leave
Week 4: 270s and serpentines
Week 5: Pull-Thrus/run with me/Side/Here-here!
Week 6/7: go behind a jump
Week 8: German, K-turns, Japanese.
Some weave pole drills from Bad dog agility. 

Teaching your dog to back up

This is a great article which includes video of backing up.
The "box" used here is a mat which looks like the padded mats you get for gardening to save your knees, great idea!!

Treat magnet .

To move dog from the end of one exercise to the start of another.

It also includes nice example of the box on Aframe (Rachael Saunders method of running Aframes).

Agility training

A short video clip showing some of what club members did at the recent Agility training seminar with Dyson Beasley.