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RallyO training and tips

Teaching a dog to do left turns

We are starting Ali with very large circles. Initially she wanted to sit when we tried to turn left, but with large circles she didnt so that.
As she became more comfortable we made the circle smaller.

Watch Ali training video.

Using the pivot block

Footwork for turns

Click here to view the video

RallyO signs explained

RallyO signs and descriptions, Dogs NZ

Note: In DogsNZ rally O the dog must start from a sit position.

In NZARO Rally the dog can start from any position once the judge has given the signal "Are you ready? Forward"

Halt stations explained.

A halt is a position where the dog must sit. Most signs have a "Stop" signs on them which indicates a sit.


In these exercises there is only one STOP sign on the pciture, but the dog also sits in front of the handler in what is called the "present" position (see picture right)

There are a lot of sits in the next two stations! 

The trick is to make sure you get the correct number of steps in between each sit. (Count them in your head!!)