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Rally-O is a combination of obedience and agility and is suitable for all ages of dogs and people!! It is ideal for young and old dogs, as young dogs can learn more in a relaxed environment, and old dogs can keep active whilst not overdoing it!! It is fun for the owners and not as physically demanding as agility. You can either participate just at club level for fun or if you wish compete at either interclub link held in the club grounds or competitions. Rally-O Foundation training is incorporated into Dog Sport Basics

Both DOGS NZ and NZARO offer Rally-O, with NZARO also offering ZOOM (no halts) and Handy dog (changes of side and some agility equipment).  In a competition the handlers walk the course to familiarise themselves with the signs, and the course is timed. Training involves the handlers learning what the signs mean, and then training their dogs to do the skills associated with the signs. Rewards should be used at the start and then gradually phased out so that the dogs are able to link more and more stations/signs together and eventually do a whole course with just a reward at the end.     


Rally-O classes are held on Mondays at 7.00 p.m.  

Rally-O (NZARO) competition is held at the club every month.  Dog must have passed Canine Good basics and have a good level of control.

Please check the Calendar page to see the activities and special events that have been planned. Click here to go to the Enrolment page.

More Information

Rally-O Link Competition: Link is a competition that we take part in as a club and is being offered on the club grounds every month. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch, and take part if they want to. There is an individual and a club competition. 


Zoom Novice Course

Competition Results: NALA members have their Link results recorded and are eligible for awards. To join NALA fill out this membership form.  This is the Facebook page for NALA.

Dogs NZ Rally-O: Click here to go to the Dogs New Zealand Rally-O and the Rally-O Subcommittee website.
NZARO: Click here to go to the NZ Association of Rally Obedience website.