Dog Training Club


Upper Hutt

Obedience & Rally-O

Obedience training includes Elementary classes, Special beginners, Novice, Test A, Test B, Test C as well as CD trials and Working dog trials (scent work). Click here to join the club.

Term Four: Obedience competition class: 6pm - 7pm every Tuesday evening.

Annual Obedience and Rally-O event.

Obedience & Rally O event, Nov 5/6

Fergus got 3rd and 4th in Novice

Titahi Bay obedience champ show 27/28 June

Jenny Dickinson and Ace won Test A

Kate Dickinson and Iso won Special Beginners (and now in Novice). 


Central Region Benefit Obedience champ show 11/12 July

Karen Sadler and Punch won test C with a challenge on Sunday, after placing 4th on Saturday. 

Kate Dickinson and Iso were 4th in special beginners on Saturday and 5th on Sunday

Kate Dickinson and Kassie were 3rd in specials on Sunday. 

Rally-O, November 2018

Elementary B. Freya 2nd, Diesel 3rd
Elementary A, Sue 2nd, Trix 4th

Special Beginners Winner

Avalon Dog obedience event, June 2016.
Karen Groombridge and Puzzle won Test B and are now up into Test C. Adrienne Charters and Willow won Special Beginners.