Upper Hutt Dog Training Club

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Kids Class

This class is for children who want to do basic training with their dog. There is no age limit on the dog or child or dog, but the instructor will review and approve the child and dog at the first class. Guarding or fighting breeds are not allowed in this class. Parents will need to stay onsite for lessons and must meet the clubs COVID-19 requirements. The cost of the class is $40 for the first child, $30 dollars for the second, and $20 for any other child after the second.  The class is limited to 10 children. 

Skills we teach in class

In this class your child and dog will work on their bond and the dog's responsiveness to the child. Together they will work towards the skills that they will need to be able to move on to other UHDTC classes. There are a variety of topics that we may teach in this class such as: 

  • Clicker training and other ways to teach a dog a new behaviour
  • Basic manners such as "Sit", "Down", "Come", "Stand", "Stay", and "Release"
  • Targeting behaviours such as Hand/ Target stick touch
  • Heelwork
  • Basic Agility/ Rally-O skills such as perch work, sending your dog around a cone, through a tunnel, or over jump bumps
  • Fun tricks such as "Spin", "Shake hands", or "Catch ball"


This class is held on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Please note that the class follows school terms and NOT the club's class Term dates.  More info can be found on the Home Page.  We do follow the close-down in winter (July & August) and summer (December & January).  This means that the class usually trains for only the first half of Term 2 and the second half of Term 3. For this reason, there is no fee for Term 3. Kids can join the class at any time, they do not have to wait for the start of a new term.  See the Home Page for more info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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