Dog Training Club


Upper Hutt

Junior dog training class

Junior Dog Training 

This is a class aimed at children 12 years and over who want to do basic training with their dog. All dogs must be checked by our instructor before attending the class. 


Currently under review


Things we do in Junior training class

There are a variety of topics that we may do in our Junior training classes.

52 tricks to teach your dog.

Clicker games

Ways to get behaviour eg. luring

Rules for class  

Basic Good manners and Canine Good Basics assessment - Sit, Down, Come, Stand ,Stays ,Release word ,

Targeting behaviours - Hand touch , Target stick , Target mat,  Go to a mat,

Heelwork - Walking in a Circle , Jog/run in a circle

Some agility and rally skills - Send dog around cone,  Jump bumps, tunnel

Other tricks - Find it, Crawl, Take it and Give, Spin, Shake hands, Walk backwards, Catch ball, and trigger Flyball box

You will need to practice at home too!!

We will work towards things like Canine Good basics, Elementary at the obedience event etc