Dog Training Club


Upper Hutt

Members information page

We are a friendly club offering many different ways to have fun with your dog. 

This usually starts by teaching your dog basic good manners (Canine Good Basics) and then by participating in a variety of other activities such as:- Rally O, Agility, Flygility, Obedience, Nosework and Canine good Citizen.

Our aim is to enjoy being with our dogs, to have fun training them to do new things, and enjoy each others company while we do it. We like to help each other, and to celebrate  success  - from being able to call your dog back to you in the park to winning National events. 

Club training takes place at Moehau Park. Click here for more information on where tit is and how to get there.

For some information on how to use your clicker, click here!!


Contact the club secretary for the password for this page (members only) 

Email: Pete at