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Flygility results

NALA Flygility

June winner: CASH

Bullfighters, May 2015.

Saturdays prize giving, Zed won Intermediate and Jete was a semi-finalist. It was a great day the weather stayed fine. A small group of Upper Hutt competitors were there. Wayne and his dog Zeba got 6 points in Advance which is an awesome achievement. and Fiona;s dog Stacey got at least 2 points in Seniors. So well done all, don't forget we have flygility practice on a Monday night at 6pm so if your dog likes balls come along and we will teach them to do fly.


Jan 2015 -

Schatzi earning her last 2 points in the first 2 runs of the day at North Shore event on Monday to become a champion Fly dog - yes she did it. Also winning out of Novice at agility on the same weekend.

Schatzi is handled by Brenda Young.