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All dogs like a tennis ball, don't they? Then they will like Flygility!! Flygility is all about the ball. Then there is the small matter of bringing it back. And in between the dog is required to traverse a row of obstacles, while the handler encourages the dog from behind a line. 

Flygility is a dog sport that mixes elements of agility and flyball. Courses can be longer than in flyball, 30m from start line to the box, and use agility obstacles. In New Zealand, the sport is administered by NZ Flygility Dog Association.

Requirements for those enrolling are:

1. Dogs must be at least 12 months old.

2. Dogs must have passed the Canine Good Basics and preferably the Dog Manners class. 

3. Dogs must have a good level of control. 


Flygility is held for all levels on Thursdays, see the Home Page for more info. Please check the Calendar page to see the activities and special events that have been planned throughout the year. 

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More Information

Flygility Competition: In New Zealand, flygility is administered by NZ Flygility Dog Association. To compete in Flygility become a member of a dog training club  and join New Zealand Flygility Dog Association.  You do not have to be a Dogs NZ member.

Dogs have to be measured before they can be entered in flygility competitions. Here are useful tips for getting your dog ready to be measured.

Flygility Link
Competition: Link is a competition that we take part in as a club and is being offered on the club grounds every month. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch, and take part if they want to. There is an individual and a club competition.  

Competition Results: NALA members have their Link results recorded and are eligible for awards. To join NALA fill out this membership form.  This is the Facebook page for NALA. For NZ Flygility Dog Association competition results, click here.   
Fly Box: Click here for instructions on how to build a flybox

Fly Jumps: Click here for instructions on how to build jumps

Frequently Asked Questions

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