Upper Hutt Dog Training Club

Welcome to your family friendly dog training club 

Fees and Payment 2023

The annual UHDTC membership and training fees are listed below Each term, classes run for six weeks, with a two-week break in between terms. The club closes for two months in the winter (July and August).  You do not have to become a member to enrol in a class.  

Classes cost $80 per class for non-club members.  For club members who opt not to pay the annual training fee, the class fee per term is $45 for a single member and $70 for a family. For club members who have paid the annual training fee, the cost of the classes is included in the annual training fee.   

The cost of the Kids Class is $40 for the first child, $30 dollars for the second, and $20 for any other child after the second.  

PER term
Single without membership & without annual training fee
Single membership but without annual training fee
Annual Membership:
jan  - dec
annual training fee:
One person (with a single membership) 
Multi people training (with a family membership)  
If a member decides to join the club after 1 April, the membership dues do not change but training fees are prorated as follows:
Prorated training fee:
2 APRIL - 31 Dec
2 July - 31 Dec
With a single membership
With a family membership
You can apply for membership and enrol for classes hereOnce you have applied for a membership and/ or enrolled for classes online you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice.

Refunds Policy

Unless in exceptional circumstances and approved by the club's committee there will be no refund of the annual training fee or membership fee.  Click here for information on class refunds.