Upper Hutt Dog Training Club

Welcome to your family friendly dog training club 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best place to get club info about classes, events, dates etc.? 

You will find general information on the UHDTC home page. Please check the Club Calendar and the Upper Hutt Dog Training Club Facebook Group for information on events and classes.

2. When can my dog and I join a class? 

All dogs must have passed the Canine Good Basics and preferably the Dog Manners class (or equivalent classes) before they can enrol in Agility, Obedience, Rally-O, or Flygility classes. Canine Good Basics is suitable for all dogs aged 5 months and above. Dog must be at least 12 months old for Agility and Flygility. For attendance we require dogs to be fully vaccinated prior to the start of term. We recommend the kennel cough vaccine but it is not required. All dogs must be registered with the District Council. 

3. What times and days of the week are training classes held? 
See our home page for a schedule of when our training classes are held. The days or times may vary each term due to availability of instructors and volunteers. Each term, classes run for 6 weeks, with a two-week break in between terms. The club closes for two months in the winter (July & August). Please check the Club Calendar and the Upper Hutt Dog Training Club Facebook Group for up-to-date information.
4.  How will I be notified if my dog and I are accepted in a class and how do I pay? 
Once you have enrolled online you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice, with a “payment required” date. Course payment must be paid by midnight on the ‘payment required” date. Once that date has passed the placement has expired and may be offered to another applicant.
5. Do you provide a refund when I have to cancel my enrolment? 
A full refund will be provided for bookings cancelled seven full days or more prior to the class starting. A full refund will be provided, less a $20.00 administration fee, for bookings cancelled between two full days and seven full days prior to class starting. For bookings cancelled less than 48 hours prior to class starting no refund is available.
6. Do you have a waiting list?  
Enrolment for each term is open about 6 weeks before classes start. We acknowledge that due to high demand, it can be difficult to enrol in the Canine Good Basics class. We therefore have a waiting list for this class. 
7. How do I prepare for class and what should I bring? 
Bring great food rewards (e.g.  Possyum, Chunky dog roll, or liver cake) in a belt bag OR in a solid plastic container with a lid (NOT in a plastic bag) to class. You will also need a a flat dog collar such as the gentle leader, a lead, the Council registration tag, poo bags, and a toy your dog likes. Please bring your dog’s vaccination record to the first lesson.  See the following flyer for additional information and group etiquette.
8. Where do you train?  
We generally train outdoors in a semi fenced area at Moehau Park. This is adjacent to Moonshine and Trentham Memorial Park. Access on training days is via 7A Moehau Grove, off Holdsworth Ave. Car parking is on the shingle car park, past the club house, see this map

9. Will training be on if it rains? 

Please check the Upper Hutt Dog Training Club Facebook Group. One of our volunteers will try to post weather related cancellations at 5 pm on the day of class. For the safety of dogs and handlers we may also have to cancel classes if the grounds are still too wet. If applicable, make up lessons will be posted on Facebook.   

10. My dog already knows basic commands.  Do I have to take the Canine Good Basics class or can I enrol in dog sport classes? 
In Agility, Rally-O,  and Flygility, dogs need to be able to follow instructions in an environment with lots of distractions. Therefore, you and your dog will need to have completed the Canine Good Basic or an equivalent class before you can enrol in those classes. 
11. I have been to a basic obedience class before, but now I have a new dog.  Should I attend again? 
Yes, please enrol your new dog in Canine Good Basics. Your new dog has to be able to follow instructions in a new environment with distractions, in proximity to other dogs and unfamiliar people. 
12. Is it OK to take the Canine Good Basic course twice? 
You are welcome to repeat classes until you and the dog feel comfortable.  Ask your instructor if they think it is necessary.
13. What are your membership and training fees? 
Please see the Fees and Payments page

14. I paid my membership and annual training fee. Which classes can I join?

All dogs must have passed the Canine Good Basics or equivalent class before they can enrol in other classes. The only exception is the Obedience training class. You can sign up for classes via the enrolment form.

15. How can I start competing with my dog in dog sports?

Visit the individual class pages to find out more about competitions for each dog sport.  Below are some general guidelines: 

  1. Dogs must be at least 18 months old before they can compete in Agility (see  section of the Dogs NZ Agility Regulations).  
  2. If you want to compete in Dogs NZ Agility or Obedience championship events you and your dog need be registered with Dogs NZ and be a member of a recognised dog training club such as UHDTC. 
  3. Non-Dogs NZ members who are members of a recogised dog training club can enter Rally-O ribbon trials and championship events. Rally-O titles can only be awarded to Dogs NZ members (see Dogs NZ Rally-O).  
  4. To compete in Flygility join New Zealand Flygility Dog Association
  5. As a club we also take part in  Link Competitions. These competitions are held on the club grounds every month. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch or participate. Check the Club Calendar to see when Link is being offered. NALA members have their Link results recorded and are eligible for awards. 

16. What happens if our region is in COVID lockdown?

Please see the COVID information page for information on COVID related cancellations or changes to the class schedule.

17. Where can I buy the Club's uniform?

Please see the Uniforms Page.

18. How can I help? 

Our club is run by volunteers who are passionate about dogs and dog sports. We are always on the lookout for committee members as well as volunteers to assist our instructors or to help out at the dog shows that we organize each year. Feel free to talk to us; we would love to hear from you! For more information or to sign-up as a volunteer, please contact us.