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Canine Good Basics 

Canine Good Basics - for pet dogs 

Welcome to Upper Hutt Dog Training Club.
Our canine good basics classes are designed to allow you and your dog to have an enjoyable experience whilst learning useful skills.
We hope you will join our club as a member, once completing these classes, as there is so much more fun and enjoyment we can offer - Agility, Flygility, RallyO etc.
There is a lot of experience within the club so if you have any concerns or questions regarding dog training, don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to help.
Term Four begins Oct 29th -  Enrol now.

Term training fees per dog   $70

THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES PER TERM. Placements will be confirmed on receipt of payment.
Last day for payment is 14 days prior to class commencing or when the class has reached its full quota.
There will be no enrolments accepted on the first training night. 
 Your dog must be 16 weeks of age or over at the start of the course, registered, fully vaccinated and not in season. We can advise on puppy pre-school for younger puppies.
Please read our refund policy .
CLASSES explained
Canine Good Basics is a prerequisite for all other activities.
Please read the course syllabus before enroling. 
If you have any questions please contact us
Enrolment and payments
To enrol in the next class please click here. 
Payment should be made on receipt of the invoice.