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Dog Sport Basics

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Dog Sport Basics...

Dog Sport Basics classes are held on Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Once you have passed Canine Good Basics you can do some more things with your dog by joining our Dog Sport Basics class. This class reinforces and builds on the skills gained from the CGB class and introduces you and your dog to new challenges that will both improve your relationship with your dog and can lead on to other dog related activities.

We work on Canine good Citizen exercises (Walking Group), Obedience and Rally-O exercises as well as balance and fitness exercises using some agility foundation exercises. 

What to bring each week depends on the roster  - check club calendar link below &  keep an eye on the facebook group.

Once you pass Dog Sport Basics you can move on to; Obedience, Agility competition and Canine Good citizen groups.   

Walking Group

This group meets at the car park off Queen Street (Upper Hutt Medical Centre) and walks around central Upper Hutt, doing activities along the way such as visiting the Railway station, negotiating steps etc.

6.30pm Tuesday Dog Sports Calendar

Some RallyO signs to learn

RallyO is a sport where the dog and handler negotiate a course setup by the judge. The course is numbered and the handler cue the dog to do the exercises as shown by the signs. The round is timed with the team that gets the most points in the fastest time being the winner. 
The challenge to start with is :-

1. learning what the signs mean

2. teaching your dog to perform what is required

and then you need to be able to do it without holding treats or toys.

It is very satisfying when you start to link all the stations together to make a course, and you and your dog can negotiate it successfully.

Link to the DogsNZ RallyO website.

Link to the NZ Association of RallyO (NZARO) website

BELOW: view some of the signs we learn in Dog Sport Basics

Training Hints

Using your dog's food during term.

We want you to have the best chance of learning new things at club, and putting both you and your dog in the best frame of mind for learning is the way to achieve this.

In regards to your dog this means:

  • Bring a hungry dog to training
      We suggest your dog receives no/little food on Tuesdays.
  • Bring a dog with energy to training
     Tired dogs dont train well.

Getting your dog to heel nicely beside you.

If the dog focuses on your hand you can get them to walk nicely beside you.

Start with your hand in a fist or similar, held out to the side, with food in it.

When your dog looks at your hand, click the clicker and drop a piece of food.

If your dog is watching closely he will catch the food!

Here is a dog doing Magic Hand heelwork.

This shows a dog doing Magic Hand for the fist time, and the progression to Magic hand on the move! Watch video.

This one talks about UK Heelwork and has quite a few videos too. Take a look at this website.