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Canine Good Basics

The Canine Good Basics class helps you develop your dog into a great companion who is easy to live with, calm when required, well behaved wherever you take him/ her, and focused on you and what you want him/her to do.  This class is suitable for all dogs aged 5 months and above.


Canine Good Basics (CGB) is held on Tuesdays. See the Home Page for more info. The class tuition includes a clicker and the Dogs NZ Canine Good Basics assessment and certificate. See the Fees and Payment page for more information.  Please check the Calendar page to see the activities and special events that have been planned throughout the year. 

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Skills we teach in class

The skills we want to teach your dog are:
  1. Responds immediately and happily to their name.
  2. Takes food nicely.
  3. Is happy and willing to walk beside you. 
  4. Will come when you call him/ her.
  5. Will enjoy being patted by others, and groomed/handled by you.
  6. Will willingly sit, down, and stay when you ask him/ her.

All learned skills will be useful for family life as well as any dog sport you may want to do later. The Dog Manners builds on the basic skills gained from the CGB class. 

More Information

Canine Good Basics Assessment: The aim of the Dogs New Zealand CGB is to provide a relatively simple test to encourage more people to participate and which can be undertaken as an assessment within a normal class or club situation. The assessment is intended as a stepping stone towards Canine Good Citizen and is based around goals already commonly developed in basic dog and puppy classes.

Eligible dogs: Any puppy over the age of 6 months and any adult dog of any breed.
Minimum age of handler: The handler must be a minimum of eight years old. 

Canine Good Basic Manual: To read the Canine Good Basic Manual click here.

Assessment Exercises:

  1. Handler to correctly answer five standardized questions
  2. Accepting collar being held for a few steps
  3. Taking a treat nicely
  4. Handling/grooming by the handler
  5. Accepting approach and touch by an assessor
  6. Accepting a friendly dog
  7. Name recognition
  8. Lead walking
  9. Come when called
  10. Sit or down on cue
  11. 30 second stay

Clicker Training

Frequently Asked Questions

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