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Erin Mulholland & SMUDGE: Agility Champion November 2018

NALA Annual awards 2017-2018

Zone awards 2017

Jane Aukett and Holly 

1st. Q106 Smudge (Erin Mulholland) (56 pts)

2nd. I131 Beaucourt Dare To Frolic (Jane Aukett ) (116 pts)

Top Small dog.
1st. I131 Beaucourt Dare To Frolic (Jane Aukett ) (165 pts)
2nd. Q106 Smudge (Erin Mulholland)(149 pts)

~ 2018 ~

Billie became an Agility Grand Champion

Billie finally got the last challenges she needed to become an Agility Grand Champion at Wanganui this year. 


DAWG Ribbon Trail (April 2018)


Upper Hutt Ribbon Trail (April 2018)

~ 2016 ~


Upper Hutt Ribbon Trail, 2016


Australian National Event, Adelaide May 2016

Club member Peter de Wit took Ali and Quick to Adelaide to compete and came back with a national title for Ali - Top 500mm Jumping dog and two 3rds in finals for Quick.

Wanganui  (Jan 2016)

Pete and Ali became Agility Grand Champions

Riot became an Agility Champion

Other Photos


~2015 ~


DAWG November 14-15 2015 at Maidstone PARK.

Some excellent results from Club members.

Celina Lovejoy and Riot are now Jumpers Grand Champions!!

Jess is now ADXASilver, Fergus is AD.

Results to 3rd.

Starters 1 - Sharon  Hastings and Zed 2nd

Novice 1 small - Gillian Cruickshank and Sky 2nd

Int 1 maxi - Peter de Wit and Ali 1st

Int 1 medium - Karen de Wit and Finn 1st

Int 1 small - Kim Nicol and Lulu 3rd

Int 2 maxi - Rosemary Paddison and Nera 2nd

Int 2 medium - Karen de Wit and Finn 1st, Peter de Wit and Quick 2nd

Int 2 small, - Kim Nicol and Lulu 2nd, Senior 1-  2nd

JC1 - Darren Lilley and Taco 3rd

JC3 - Wayne turner and cash 2nd, Darryl Jewiss and Stacey 3rd

JB3 - Fergus and Anne Packer 3rd

JA1 - Celina Lovejoy and Riot 1st, Debbie Shute and jess 3rd.

JA2 - Peter de Wit and Ali 2nd

JA3 - Kim Nicol and Billie 3rd

ADXA - Jess and Ali went clear

AD- Bobby, Fergus, Cameo went clear.

Riot above and Celina hides under a bucket at her celebratory wetting!!

Upper Hutt Dog Training School, RallyO event

Pictures by Sue Robertson

NZDAC, Tokoroa October 2015

A small team of upper people travelled to Tokoroa and competed against agiliteers from all over NZ. They did very well!!

Super Stars were:

Donna Tofts and Fern who got TOP MEDIUM DOG and top Jumpers C dog.

Peter de Wit and Ali who got joint TOP MAXI DOG.

Also Donna/Dash and Pete/Quick were in the InterZone team which RETAINED the shield against the rest of NZ.

Wayne Turner and Cash (above left) who won two Jumpers C classes and got into the final.

(Wayne caused two Fireengines to vists the event on Monday but that's another story/pictures!!)

Karen/Finn got 4 x 5th places and 8th. Dee got two crcs, one an 8th.

Jane/Holly - no ribbons for Holly but 3 clears with 2 of them in the top 10 and a couple of 5 fault rounds on some awesome tough courses.

Debbie/Jess (above right)  - two clear rounds

Kim/Lulu - 5th, 7th, 9th

Kim/Billy - 5th, 5th, 6th, 8th

Rosemary got  5 crcs with Nera and 3 crcs with Chico

Celina and Riot - 10th on crc

Paige/Bobby- got 2nd in handler of the year over 12 novice!

NZDAC TOP DOGS                         

Fern (Medium)

Ali (Maxi)

Inter-Zone team - retained the shield


Wanganui (July 2015)

A few Club members travelled to Wanganui to enjoy the agility, and on saturday night some of them enjoyed a meal and company watching the rugby. Pity about the result but was a great game!

The agility was pretty good too, with weather much better than expected and the grounds held up well after recent torrential downpours !in the area!

Club members showed their ability at GAMES to get qualifiers :- Holly, Dee and Quick in Snooker and Ali and Quick in Gamblers.

Other awards went to: Lulu (2 wins), Ali (1 win), Q (1 win), other placings for Cash , in JC.


NALA awards - games

A number of our members got presented with their NALA games ribbons at LINK on 14th June.


Nelson Agility Event  (June 2015)

Some of our Club's handlers went to compete and Paul Taylor went to judge.

Peter de Wit and Quick got top Agility dog, not bad after a long injury break! Karen & Finn got their last ADXA certificate for their GOLD title. Celina and Riot and Pete/Ali and Karen/Dee also got ribbons. Kim and Lulu got another challenge. Debbie also got ribbons with Jess, and Swifty has gone up another grade after her last Novice win. Rosemary and Nera got a challenge and Anne and Fergus got plenty of crcs including a AD when he did his SEESAW!!