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In Agility we start with Foundation training and work our way to Beginners, and then Competition Agility. Agility is about learning good manners and knowing how to play too! It's about gaining confidence and skills using agility equipment. Agility training is a great way to exercise your dog, yourself and to provide your dog with the stimulation that learning something new provides. Dogs will build on their confidence as they learn to traverse agility equipment and you perform new moves. As a result they will become a much happier dog. 

The top 5 reasons why you want to do agility with your dog: 

1. It's fun!

2. It's a confidence-booster.

3. It improves communication between you and your dog.

4. It improves focus.

5. It encourages physical and mental activity.

We have a number of experienced coaches who will help you to train your dog to traverse a wide range of different obstacles, and then link them together into sequences and courses.

Requirements for those enrolling are:

1. Dogs must be at least 12 months old.

2. Dogs must have passed the Canine Good Basics and preferably the Dog Manners class.

3. Dogs must have a good level of control  as you should be able to run with your dog off lead, under control.

4. Dog's temperament must be such that it is able to cope with a busy environment. Aggressive dogs are therefore not permitted.


Classes are held on Wednesdays, see the Home Page for more info. Please check the Calendar page to see the activities and special events that have been planned throughout the year

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More Information

Agility Competition: If you want to compete in Dogs NZ events you and your dog need be registered with Dogs NZ and be a member of a recognised dog training club.  Dogs must be 18 months or older. For entries and more general information about agility in NZ go to Dogs NZ Agility. See also the Dogs NZ Entries Document and here. More information about agility events can be found here as well. 

Dogs have to be measured before they can be entered in agility competitions. Here are useful tips for getting your dog ready to be measured.

Agility Link Competition: This is a competition that we take part in as a club and is being offered on the club grounds every month. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch, and take part if they want to. There is an individual and a club competition. NALA members have their Link results recorded and are eligible for awards. To join NALA fill out this membership form.  This is the Facebook page for NALA.

For tips on how to get ready for your first agility competition, see Five Fault Club.
Competition Results: see NALA and Dogs NZ Agility.

Agility Patches: We have available to Club members the following patches:

  • ADX patches.
  • Clear round patches - 25,50,75,100.

If you think you might qualify see the agility coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the FAQ page for questions about classes, events, COVID etc.