Dog Training Club


Upper Hutt


Foundation agility

Foundation and beginner agility classes are held on Wednesday at 6.30pm. 

Requirements for those enrolling:-

1. Dog must be at least 12 months old.

2. Dog must have passed Canine Good basics and have a good level of control (some exercises require dogs to be off-lead). We prefer if you have done at least one term of Dog Sport Basics.

3. Dog's temperament must be such that it is able to cope with a busy environment. No aggressive dogs permitted.

Competition Agility

Competition agility classes are held on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Ask us a question by emailing:

Agility is a fun sport for you and your dog.

It is a great way to exercise your dog , yourself and to provide your dog with the stimulation that learning something new provides. They will build on their confidence as they learn to traverse new equipment and you perform new moves. As a result they will become a much happier dog.

We have a number of experienced coaches who will help you to train your dog to traverse a wide range of different obstacles, and then link them together into sequences and courses.

We are a social group who enjoys hanging out together, at club and at events as well as other social gatherings.

We hold agility training classes in Upper Hutt on WEDNESDAY evenings.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Do Agility
with your dog

1. Fun for all

2. Courage-booster

3. improves communication

4. Improves focus

5. Physical and mental activity

Read about Charlie's adventures when he tries agility for the first time.

So you want to do agility?

You need to have passed Canine Good Basics class with your dog.
Your dog must be around 12 months old when starting the class.
You should be able to run with your dog off lead, under control.
You will be enrolled in a Foundation agility class.


For a list of recent and historical agility results please click the link 


Agility patches

We have available to Club members the following patches:-

ADX patches

Clear round patches - 25,50,75,100.

If you think you might qualify see Jane Aukett

Useful Links for agility

Agility Competitions

For entries and more information about agility in NZ go to the DogsNZ Agility website.

Wednesday training: How to get to Club at Moehau Park

Moehau Park is accessed via Moehau Grove which is off Holdsworth Ave.

Please dive slowly.

Do nt park in the Grove

Car park is on gravel just past the club building.

From the South...

From the North...


Pawblacks in Australia

Our own Peter de Wit and his dogs Quick and Ali went to Australia over May to compete in the Australian Agility Nationals as well as a warmup event on May 21/22.

2016 TOP DOGS, March agility event

Midi: Charlotte Rundgren/Blaze


Maxi: Anna Workman/Phantim

Small: Nevenka Paterson/Tai and Jane Aukett/Holly.


End of year prize-giving, 2015

(based on the AC website Year to date league)

There have been many people at this club who have progressed this year, from people who have just started competing and having started collecting clear rounds, to people who have sped their dogs up and gained wins instead of clear rounds, to people who have performed on the National stage. Well done to you all and good luck for next year. Not everyone can gain a club award but here are the ones who have!

Starters = Chico

Novice = Fergus
Int = Ali
Senior = Ali
JC = Cash
JB = Billie
JA = Ali
Games = Holly

Junior Agility handler. The criteria for this are:-

Attends class/sessions regularly and shows a willingness to contribute
Has Fun in everything he/she does at the club
Gives everything a go take part in club activities
Helps out at club tournaments
Represents club well at other events they attend
Is respectful and listens to what people ask them.
Someone who shows improvement
Uses their own initiative to make contribution to the club
The person would be someone who goes over and above what is expected of them.

Winner is: Margaret Lilley

Most improved dog.

This goes to a dog that is starting out in agility, and to a handler who experiences some issues along the way, perhaps the dog eats grass, or runs away, or flies off contacts in competition, maybe it cant weave in the ring but can do awesome weaves at home. This is the case of many dogs!! And this year there were many contenders at Club for the most improved award.

However, In this case the dog and handler then went to our nationals event and won not once, but twice getting into the finals. They had a great run in the finals but before that had to overcome the stress of being locked in the car and being rescued by the Tokoroa Volunteer firebrigade = Wayne and Cash.

Overall Top Dog.

This goes to a dog and handler combination that regularly performs well at events, gaining a whopping 254 points, (placing them 3rd overall in NZ) who has regularly won Maxi group in NALA and who went to our national event and won the TOP MAXI dog prize for most points over the four days. = Ali and Peter de wit

The Club Team comprising Debbie Shute/Jess, Karen de Wit/Finn and Peter de Wit/Quick won the Interclub cup at the NZDAC, Gore, October 2014.

Angela Denton/Tikka won TOP MAXI at NZDAC. (Photo above shows Tikka in action)

Karen & Peter de Wit were in the winning INTERZONE TEAM!! (Picture above)

Term Two

Thanks to instructors: Nevenka, Kathryn, Anne, Jane and Darren.

Handlers - did you meet the aims for this term?

Aims for this term.

  1. Leadouts – to be able to walk dog into a ring off lead, get dog to wait and leadout to jump 2.
  2. contacts – dog consistent when handler one jump away
  3. Weave – dog can get 5/5 different angled weave entries. Handler can leave dog in weave
  4. Jumping – handler can cue jumps early enough so dog turns in the jump not on the ground

Anton Jewiss and Zeba won the Novice Cup for club members at our March agility event.

Above: Pete and Ali, Jane and Holly, Wayne and Cash.

Below: Margaret and Rider, Rosemary and Chico, Anne and Fergus, Kim and Billie

Some of the people who shared some lovely nibbles afterwards!